Hey, I’m Antonio Toney, but you can call me “Tony” for short! I’m the creative director here at Central Church. I love doing what I do here, from designing to shooting video, it’s never a dull moment with my Central fam! I’m super excited about what I see God doing through this faith community and for me personally!

Outside of church, I love to hang out with friends taking photos, trying different restaurants, listening to music, and all kinds of cool things! I also really love singing on the worship team and participating in the arts (acting, dancing, etc.). I really love just walking downtown and exploring the city, ESPECIALLY GREEK TOWN! We live in such a beautiful city!

Fun fact, I have 2 brothers, Jaylin, who is about 7 years younger than I am. The other one, Anthony, is my twin brother, and before you ask, yes, both our names are “Tony” Toney.